With the advances of at-home dental care and restorative dentistry, you may wonder what the importance of preventive treatments and exams is. At the Chamblee family dental practice of Dr. Brock Westover, we want patients to know that preventive care is essential in maintaining a healthy smile. We hope that this guide will help patients understand the advantages of proactive dentistry as a cost and health saving measure. 

The Cost of Prevention

The initial costs of preventive care are usually covered by insurance. Most insurance plans allow patients to see their dentist or hygienist twice a year to ensure that they maintain proper dental health.  While most patients will need a dental restoration at some point in their life due to natural wear and genetic dispositions to decay, preventive dental care can limit these needs as much as possible. Without proper preventive care, patients are more likely to require fillings, crowns, and dental prosthetics, requiring a much greater financial contribution from patients than routine cleanings.

The Health Benefits of Routine Care

Proactive dental care doesn’t just save patients financially, but can assure you better long term dental and bodily health. Preventive care begins with making positive changes to your diet. Not only are healthy foods good for your body, but can lower the cavity-causing acidity of your mouth. Sugary foods can lead contribute to an increase in acid-generating bacteria that are harmful to your teeth, increasing your chances for decay and periodontal disease. A good pH balance can support the strength of your tooth enamel, and will make it harder for your teeth to stain.

While you may think that brushing and flossing is enough to prevent gum disease and tooth decay, regular exams and cleanings can help you to identify areas of your at-home routine that may be lacking and can prevent gingivitis from developing into later stages of gum disease.

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Preventive care is essential for every smile. If you are in need of proactive dentistry, contact Dr. Westover and our team at Chamblee Dunwoody Family Dentistry. We are proud to provide comprehensive dental care for families of Buckhead, Embry Hills, Brookhaven, and other communities of greater Atlanta.

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