Dental Implants in Chamblee - Restorations - Fixed, Non-Slip Teeth Replacement

When looking to replace missing or damaged teeth, our patients deserve the expertise of a prosthodontist. Specializing in dental prosthetics, Drs. Scheinfeld and Orland and their team at Chamblee Dunwoody's Right Smile Center use state-of-the-art techniques and excellent chairside patient-care to ensure the best implant restorations for residents of the Chamblee and Brookhaven area.

How do Implants Work?

When getting a dental implant at Chamblee Dunwoody's Right Smile Center, we are committed to providing our patients with aesthetically pleasing smiles that can last a lifetime. The first step in receiving your implant will be the placement of the anchoring rod. This rod, made from ADA approved titanium, is placed in to the gum of the jaw. As it heals, it will fuse to the jaw bone, strengthening the prosthetic tooth.

Once the post has healed properly, the specially crafted crown made by our Chamblee dentist will be placed. This hardened ceramic crown is designed to provide you with the utmost in arch stability and is matched to the shade of your teeth to deliver our patients the best cosmetic restoration.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Implants are the gold standard in aesthetic dental restoration. The ceramic used in this cosmetic restoration procedure can be made to match the brightness of surrounding teeth. Additionally, this material provides the slight translucence of your natural teeth, blending in perfectly with the rest of your smile.

In addition to their aesthetic superiority over other forms of restoration, dental implants provide our patients with unmatched stability in the long term. With older forms of restorative care, prosthetic teeth sit on top of the jaw, not giving it the necessary support, and allowing resorption of the bone. However, the supporting titanium structure of dental implants stimulates the jaw bone in the same way as a natural tooth’s root, and keeps the jaw from losing density.

Surgical and Prosthetic Expertise

Trained in implant surgery, Drs. Scheinfeld and Orland is uniquely qualified to reconstruct your smile from beginning to end. Under their guidance, our Chamblee practice is prepared to help you remove broken or decayed teeth and get you back on track to having a smile that is designed to balance your bite and give our patients a beautiful smile through specially designed implants perfect for you.

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If you are missing teeth or need replacement for extractions, contact our Chamblee Dunwoody's Right Smile Center today to begin your cosmetic implant restoration. We are proud to deliver beautiful smiles to residents of the Chamblee, Dunwoody, Brookhaven, and Perimeter Center areas.


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