If you are missing multiple teeth, or are looking to replace a set of dentures, you might find yourself overwhelmed by your full mouth restoration options. When rehabilitating your smile, Dr. Westover and our team at Chamblee Dunwoody Family Dentistry want to make sure that you fully understand the options available to you. Consider the following when selecting the restorative treatments in your smile makeover:

Traditional Dentures

Most patients are familiar with the concept of traditional dentures. These prosthetics are placed in the mouth using a mixture of adhesive and suction from the mouth. Many find this option appealing due to the relative ease of function and maintenance. Additionally, this treatment is the most affordable option for restoring the full ability to bite and stability to your facial structure.

While dentures are easily removable, they are sometimes prone to sliding out of place. Without proper suction, particularly on the lower arch, patients may have a hard time enjoying normal dental function. As traditional dentures are supported by dental tissue, they fail to properly engage the jaw bone into treatment. Without the support of teeth roots, the bone begins to deteriorate, losing its density through a process called resorption. Ultimately, this weakens the structure of the jaw bone, increasing the risk of additional tooth loss and facial sagging.

Dental Implants and Implant Supported Dentures

Designed to precisely mimic natural teeth and their roots, dental implants are considered among the most permanent restoration solutions available. Dental implants provide the same support as the roots of natural teeth, preventing resorption with biocompatible titanium posts that are incorporated into the jaw. If you have gaps in your smile, singular implants can provide you with the support your jaw needs, and look as natural as neighboring teeth.

Implants can also be used to support dentures. With implant retained dentures, you will have the convenience of a removable and fully functional smile, without worrying over denture slippage, the loss of bone density, or losing the structural shape of the jaw. While this option has higher upfront costs than traditional dentures, the long-term benefits of this option make it well worth the investment.


For some patients who do not have the sufficient bone structure to support regular implant dentures, our Chamblee office also offers All-on-4® retained bridges. During this procedure, four implants are strategically placed throughout the arch. Custom fixed bridges are then secured to the implants, providing patients with a fully functional, natural looking smile.

Unlike implant overdentures, All-on-4® restorations are permanently fixed to the implants. While patients can clean these bridges as they would normal teeth, only a dentist can remove the restoration to clean the gums beneath. Additionally, there is a higher cost associated with All-on-4® than with other implant restoration options.

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